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DA99 Lifting Ampoule has
very special instructions for use
​Be sure to check the instructions for use
when using the product for the first time

1. This product contains melting threads and essence separately in one container.
2. The melting thread is made of naturally derived matter that is processed finely.
3. The essence is light yellow liquid containing active substances with the effect of elasticity improvement. 
4. pH 4.0 essence changes to a weakly acidic condition of pH 5.3 safely after melting the thread.
5. Naturally derived extract may form sediment in the shape of dots or bands in the essence, but this is normal, and the product is safe to use.
6. The white plastic ball in the button is not a melting matter but is part of the product container.

[Product Package]

1. This product is a DIY product that melts the threads in the cap with the essence in the bottle before use.
2. The reason the bottle is only 1/3 full of essence is to secure an appropriate space for shaking the bottle when melting the thread.
3. One package contains 4 bottles. It is good for 4 weeks of use if you use once a week.
4. This product includes a desiccant to block humidity, and each bottle is packaged with a protective film. After removing the protective film from the bottle, use the product as soon as possible.
5. Keep the product in a cool, shaded place.
6. The expiration date of the product is 24 months from the production date and is indicated on the packaging box and the bottom of the bottle.

[General condition of use]

1. Use the product at least once a week or 2-3 times a week.
2. Use up the whole bottle each time. 
3. Be sure to use the product after melting the thread in the essence. After melting, use it on the same day.
4. If you cannot use it on the day of melting the thread, keep it in the refrigerator and use it within a week.
Video on how-to-use
[DIY _ How to melt the melting thread]

1. Before melting the thread, do not remove the protective film from the bottle for convenient use.
2. First of all, check for a clicking sound by shaking the bottle for 10 seconds.
A plastic ball is contained in the button.
Shaking the bottle vigorously for 10 seconds makes the swollen melted thread in the button move toward the discharge port by striking it.
3. The discharge port of the melted thread is designed to open at more than 90 degrees when the button is deeply pressed.
Press the button firmly with two thumbs.
4. After pressing the button, check visually whether the discharge port inside the bottle is completely opened.
If the discharge port is not opened at more than 90 degrees, press the button all the way once more.
5. By shaking the bottle up and down, the melted threads will come out through the port.
The finely processed melting thread becomes invisible when it comes in contact with essence.
If the white ball in the button is visible, however, it means that the melted thread is fully discharged.

6. To dissolve completely the clumped thread in the button in the essence, shake the bottle once more for 5 seconds.
7. Within 5-10 minutes of mixing the melted thread and essence, the mixture is changed to a gel condition for better application.
By turning the bottle upside down, check whether the gel condition is in a soft runny condition.
* If the melting time takes longer than 10 minutes, keep it in the refrigerator and use it the next day. (This sometimes happens due to the characteristics of the melting thread, which is a natural substance.)
* It would be convenient to wash the face while waiting for the threads to melt.
8. While skin feels moist after washing the face, do not apply other products first.
However, it is OK to apply DA99 Daily Lifting Toner.

9. After removing the protective film from the bottle, open the cap, dispense the product onto your palm, and gently apply on the face and neck.
10. Skin lifting begins within 5 minutes of applying the product.
The lifting feeling is similar to the tight feeling on dry skin after washing the face. But skin is not in a dry condition, so you need not worry.
11. DA99 Lifting Cosmetic pulls sagging skin with the Lifting support barrier created after applying on the face. Skin slowly absorbs the elasticity-improving active substances of the Lifting support barrier. The product uses the mechanism of skin repair process.
Accordingly, once lifting begins, we recommend taking a sleep so that skin can absorb the active substances for a long time.
In addition, after applying this product, do not apply other brand’s products such as moisture cream to prevent damage to the generated lifting support barrier or other unexpected reactions such as clumping, smudging, or cakey phenomenon.
* If you feel uncomfortable with the lifting feeling on your skin, wash off after at least 2 hours.
12. After taking a sleep, wash off the residue of lifting support barrier remaining on skin after active substances are absorbed into skin.
With just lukewarm water and cleansing sponge, you can remove residue effectively.
The reason we recommend using water and cleansing sponge is to prevent any irritation to skin that is restored well during the night. If the soap you use is neutral or weakly acidic, however, it would be okay to use.

[How to use DA99 Lifting Cosmetics or with other brand cosmetics]
1. At the first step after washing the face, tidy up skin with "DA99 Daily Lifting Toner."
2. After using the toner, apply "Overnight Lifting Eye Cream" on areas with wrinkles around the eyes, smile lines, and neck wrinkles.
3.  When applying other cosmetic products such as color makeup or moisture cream, wait for about 5 minutes after applying DA99 Lifting Cosmetic. Applying other cosmetics in a rubbing motion can damage the lifting support barrier. Thus, applying them carefully in a light tapping motion is recommended.

Precautions: Cosmetics made by different brands can maintain a stable condition under the designated storage condition and instructions for use. However, using them with other products can cause unexpected reactions.
Especially for a product such as DA99 Lifting Cosmetic, which provides special effects, conduct a patch test on a small area before putting other cosmetics on it to check if it causes any abnormal phenomena of clumping and smudge due to reaction with DA99 Lifting Cosmetics.
DA99 리프팅 앰플은
사용법이 매우 특별합니다.
​처음 사용할 때 반드시 사용법을 확인하십시오.

1. 본 제품은 녹는 실과 에센스가 하나의 용기에 분리 포장되어 있습니다.
2. 녹는 실은 자연유래 물질을 매우 미세하게 가공한 미세사입니다.
3. 에센스는 탄력개선 유효성분을 포함한 연황색 액체입니다. 
4. pH 4.0의 에센스는 녹는 실을 멜팅 한 후 약산성인 pH5.3으로 안전하게 변합니다.
5. 자연유래 추출물은 에센스에 점 또는 띠 형태로 침전물이 생길 수도 있지만, 안전합니다.
6. 버튼 속에 들어 있는 하얀 색 플라스틱 공은 녹는 물질이 아니라 제품 용기의 일부입니다.

[제품의 포장]

1. 본 제품은 사용 시점에 뚜껑 속의 녹는 실을 병의 에센스에 녹여서 사용하는 DIY 제품입니다.
2. 병의 1/3에만 에센스가 담은 이유는 녹는 실을 녹일 때 병을 흔드는 적정 공간의 확보 때문입니다.
3. 한 개 포장에는 4병이 들어 있습니다. 일주일에 한번 사용하는 기준으로 4주 분량입니다.
4. 본 제품은 습기를 차단하기 위해 방습제가 동봉되어 있으며, 개별 병은 보호필름으로 포장되어 있습니다. 병의 보호필름을 제거한 경우 가급적 빨리 사용하십시오.
5. 그늘지고 서늘한 장소에 보관하십시오.
6. 제품의 유효기한은 제조일로 부터 24개월이며, 포장박스와 병의 아래에 표시되어 있습니다.

[일반적인 사용 조건]

1. 최소한 일주일에 한 번 이상, 주 2~3회 사용하십시오.
2. 1회 사용 시 한 병을 전부 사용하십시오. 
3. 반드시 녹는 실을 에센스에 녹인 후 사용하고, 녹인 후에는 당일 사용하십시오.
4. 녹는 실을 녹인 후 당일에 사용하지 못한 경우, 냉장 보관 후 일주일 이내 사용하십시오.